Pesticides and bleach in cloth diapers?

Sabina asked this great question yesterday:

“I understand that cloth diapers are (for the most part) a better choice environmentally-speaking. However, I wonder about the amount of chlorine used by Bundle, as well as the environmental costs of using non-organic cotton ā€” cotton being one of the more pesticide-heavy industries.”

I am going to answer the questions about bleach by starting at the end result: the diapers that Bundle washes are tested for chlorine content, and they have no residual chlorine. Furthermore, the city of Boulder adds chlorine to the water supply, and we actually neutralize that chlorine as well so the net result of our washing is that we are taking chlorine OUT of the water supply.

We do use a minimal amount of bleach in the washing process, 3 oz per load, so about .01 oz per diaper. This is completely absent from both the diaper and the waste water by the end of the wash cycle.

As far as pesticides go, we don’t like them. BUT Bundle is just a few months away from starting a switch over to using organic cotton prefold diapers in our diaper service. We are very excited about this move, and have been working for over 6 months already trying to make this happen…and we hope to offer organic prefold service starting this fall!

For a very honest and scientific look at some other environmental issues surrounding cloth diaper usage, check out this page


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  1. Wonderful news all around!!! Thanks for addressing my questions. Will the organic cotton diapers increase your diaper service costs?

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