The cheapest way to cloth diaper

Saving money is on the mind of a lot of family’s these days. As far as that relates to cloth diapering, in the long run you can realize a huge cost savings choosing to use cloth diapers. Here are a few choices to consider:

If you use cloth diapers you will probably potty train around 2 years old, which is about 1 year earlier than most kids who are in disposable diapers. The speculation is that with cloth diapers kids have the sensation of wetting their diaper, so start to develop a cause and effect relationship earlier. Plus the parents might be a bit more prone towards actively guiding their children towards potty learning at a younger age. This along cuts your diapering costs by one third!

The least expensive way to diaper (besides elimination communication, where you basically go diaper-free from infancy – not for the faint of heart!) is to wash your own one-size diapers. Not only will these fit from newborn through potty training, but they will last long enough to get passed on to future children! While they are more of an upfront investment, you spend just $300-$400 upfront, and you can diaper 2 kids start to finish! Of course there are still the incidental costs of detergent and water usage, but these are very minimal.

If you were using disposable diapers and disposable wipes, you would spend that much money in 5 months!


2 Responses

  1. I understand that cloth diapers are (for the most part) a better choice environmentally-speaking. However, I wonder about the amount of chlorine used by Bundle, as well as the environmental costs of using non-organic cotton — cotton being one of the more pesticide-heavy industries.

    I’d appreciate your feedback on these two issues…

    many thanks!

  2. thanks for the question! Check out today’s post for an in-depth answer.

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