How to wash your own diapers

I am going to go ahead and chime in on the subject of ‘how to wash your own diapers’ even though I completely acknowledge that WAY too much has already been written about this subject online. But I would propose that washing your own diapers is much more simple than other cloth diapering websites would have you believe.

Here is what you need:
1) Zero-residue detergent (otherwise your diapers get stinky and don’t absorb well)
2) Your diapers (15 for every-other-day washing, more if you want to wash less)

Here is what you do: Put your dirties in the washing machine, and run a rinse cycle if your washer allows it. At this point you can add some other laundry if you want to make your load bigger. Then add your detergent, and run a regular load on HOT. Dry as usual, either in the dryer or on the line. That’s it!

If you have diapers that have a detergent residue build-up and need to be stripped, your best bet is to bring or mail them in to Bundle and have us run them through a professional wash cycle, the super hot temperature and strong extraction cycle will get them back to like-new.

If you have more questions, just ask us!


One Response

  1. Thank you so much for writing out how simple it can be to wash cloth diapers!! So many people make it sound so complicated and it’s really not 🙂

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