elimination communication

We hear a lot about ‘elimination communication’ or EC from the folks that come through Bundle. The basic idea is to help your baby to achieve an early potty learning, so that he can go in the toilet instead of the diaper. This involves being a tuned in caregiver, and also being flexible and open to not ‘catching’ every pee. Many parents find that they are more connected to their child’s needs when they practice EC.

Most families that practice elimination communication use cloth diapers for naps, overnight, or the times when they are not available to be focusing on their baby. Because you do not go through many diapers, most families will just buy a small stash of pocket or AIO diapers and wash them at home.

You can find more information about EC and connect to other families that are practicing EC here

Like anything with parenting, it is important to keep your sense of humor and perspective when approaching potty learning. If there is one thing your baby does not need, it is an early dose of anxiety!


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