The bigger picture: a sensorial activity for toddlers, older kids & adults!

We all are aware of the magnificence and complexity of our world.  But how often do we really take the time to experience it?  Here is a fun little sensory activity that the whole family can enjoy:

Find a comfortable place to sit outdoors.   Have everyone close their eyes and listen for a minute or so (no talking!).   When you open your eyes, reflect and share about the sounds that you heard.  How many different things are going on during that time? What might the birds be talking about?  What does that tell you about your surroundings – are you in the city?  What kind of creatures are around you?  Did you hear yourself breathing? ….

Closing your eyes again, take another minute just to focus on the smells of your environment.  What could you smell?  How did each smell make you feel?

Lastly, leave your eyes open, take a minute of silence again, then discuss what you see.  How do the sounds, smells, and things that you saw relate to each other?  How many things did you learn about your environment?

This is really great for adults, too!  The hardest part is having the patience and inner quiet to enjoy the experience ; )


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