eco-friendly washing tips

child hanging laundry

We got these 10 great tips from the Eucalan website, which makes a great wool-wash that is now in stock at Bundle!

There is 1 not-so-good tip, in my opinion: hand-washing, which may be green but is something I swore off for good once baby #1 arrived…

1) Running your washer and dryer at night to ease hydro and water burdens

2) Making it a full load or adjust the water level to the amount of laundry

3) Spot cleaning items that are not otherwise dirty

4) Pre-treating stains ASAP and let sit for 10 min. prior to laundering

5) Using warm or cold water rather than hot

6) Adding a few drops of Eucalan instead of a conditioner/softener to the rinse water – this avoids build-up that occurs with other fabric softeners (this works especially good on bath towels/bedding – Lavender is the best – it calms and induces sound sleep)

7) Hanging or laying clothes flat to dry

8) Hand washing when you only have a few items – it’s easy using Eucalan

9) Doing back-to-back loads in the dryer to take advantage of the fact that the dryer is already hot

10) Cleaning dryer vents and lint traps regularly

11) Use “wet-cleaners” rather than dry cleaners for specialty items and pressing


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