Family Vacations

Family vacation

Traveling as a family brings undoubtedly some of the most memorable experiences for everyone.  My family used to drive across country every summer so that we could spend 3 “wonderful” weeks on a lake, playing games and spending “good quality time together”.   As a kid, I could never understand why I would want to spend 20+ hours in a car with my 4 brothers and sisters, a dog, and my parents during my precious summer social time to live in a cabin for 3 weeks!… That was how I felt when I left but loved every minute of it once we were there.

Most of my fondest memories of childhood are family vacations – the Grand Canyon, our road trips to Michigan and Pennsylvania, Mt. Rushmore, Washington DC, the four corners for Hands-Across-America, camping, camping, and more camping, Yellowstone, and, last but definitely not least, Hawaii!   Vacations necessarily break-up your routine allowing (or forcing) you to live every moment in the moment, creatively and spontaneously.  Family trips ARE really “quality time together.”

Now, I take my children to visit Grandma for three wonderful weeks (they call it “Camp Meemaw”), camping (which they groan about usually), and to other various places.  One of my favorite memories as a parent was going to NYC with my 6 month old and 6 year old.  My 6 year old loved the subway and my 6 month old lived in his carrier, listening to the cacaphony of sounds.  It was perfect.  Their dad and I couldn’t stay out until the wee hours of the morning at a jazz club anymore, but it was great to experience the city through the eyes of my child.

So, for all of those times that it seems challenging to leave your daily life and go somewhere different with your family – whether it is that you have a 4 month old and can’t imagine hours in an airplane or car with them, or your teenager that just can’t leave their friends- JUST GO!  After all is said and done, everyone will benefit.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer an educational tour or just some relaxation on the beach.  Be creative, follow your inspiration and enthusiam, and just enjoy each other!  That is what life is essentially about.  Right?


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