Help me! My diapers are leaking!

Cloth diapering should NOT mean leaks or blow-out diapers! Quite the opposite, our experience has been that the only time (pretty much) that we get leaks or blow outs is when we use disposable diapers (or when I am negligent about changing a wet diaper so that the next mess has nowhere to go but out…)

First off, if you have a leaky diaper notice if the cotton diaper (‘prefold’) is saturated. If it is, then you probably need to either change more frequently or switch to a larger size prefold.

If the prefold is not saturated, then make sure your diaper cover is fitting properly. If it is too big or too small you will get leaking.

If your problem is a poopy cover, try these things:
– Use a snappi. We can show you how to use it in the shop or over the phone, but it works great to prevent leaks.
– Make sure that your prefold covers your cover, this means that you should let your cotton diaper cover the gussett around your little one’s thighs. As long as you change the diaper frequently you should not have any trouble with wicking, and it will ensure that only the diaper and not the cover gets dirty.

Finally, you can always being your problematic diapers and/or baby into the shop for some hands-on trouble-shooting. Or just give us a call to talk it over… (303) 443-9416


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