Potty Training

It’s summer-time, which means potty training season! Summer is the perfect time to make the leap since it is so easy to just let your little one run around diaper free outside and ‘learn by doing’ without ‘doing’ all over your house.

I do NOT profess to be a potty training expert by any stretch. I have noticed, after talking with potty training friends and bundle customers that the biggest determiner in potty training is your child’s personality. Some kids are determined to potty train, and others (like mine!) are perfectly happy to run around in wet underpants. What can you do?

I say get them out of diapers at an appropriate age (before 3), and then let them be. If you have a child that is not super interested in staying dry, I can tell you a few things that have completely backfired:

1) losing my patience. Your child should not be going potty to please you / to avoid annoying you. Don’t make an accident about YOU – it sets everyone up for disaster and heartache if you think your kid wet her pants because she doesn’t respect you. This cycle would lead to more frequent accidents.

2) rewards. I have promised EVERYTHING you can imagine – ice cream for breakfast, movies the list goes on. Bottom line is, it just didn’t work and I felt like a grouch.


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