Dance for life: pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond!

Dancing Pregnancy

“Childbirth is strenuous, though not painless, for a woman who has learned to trust her body and has built the stamina to deliver.”

I always loved to dance.  As a child, it was my way to find that deeper connection to myself, to let go of anything that was bothering me, and to just feel creative and connected to life.  Dance still serves that purpose for me today.  It is a form that links the mind, body, and soul, spirit, or whatever you want to call that which is uniquely and timelessly you.  It is a tool for connecting to every single movement of your life, including pregnancy and childbirth.  The fluid movements of belly dancing, latin dance, and even tribal dances tone the lower abdominal muscles and open the pelvic bones preparing you for that momentous day.  Dancing helps to diffuse the tension of contractions or “surges” enabling the body to just relax and do what it needs to do to bring life into the world.  So, if your pregnant, turn up the music & dance around your living room, or find a dance class and just let go and enjoy.   And when you are in the midst of full fledged labor, bring a tune that helps you dance your baby into life!


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