Well-being through breast-feeding: a time to bond and a time for yourself.


Breast-feeding guarantees that you will be snuggling with your baby somewhere between 8 and 18 times a day!  It is a  personal, peaceful, and loving time to connect with your child … and there are physical and emotional benefits for both of you!

Breast milk protects babies from allergies, respiratory illnesses, and ear infections, as well as helps the development of vision, the cardiovascular system, and the kidneys.  A baby’s immune system is also strengthened by breast-feeding due to both building a healthy digestive system and creating emotional well-being.  For moms, breast-feeding can help prevent breast cancer, help to take off the extra baby weight, and stimulates your “blissful hormone,” oxytoxin.

One of the most challenging things as a mom is to find a bit of time for  your own peace-of-mind or even for your own mental stimulation.  Breast-feeding is a great opportunity to read – a book, the newspaper, or your favorite magazine.  You can put on some relaxing music, cuddle up with your baby and your book, and enjoy!  (Comments and reading suggestions welcome)


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