cloth vs. disposable: the environmental debate

Cloth diapers are often held up as the greener alternative to disposable diapers, and while some parents choose cloth primarily for baby reasons, others choose cloth mostly for the environmental reasons. Do some googling, though, and you are going to find a universe of conflicting information on the environmental performance of cloth v. disposable diapers. So what gives? Are cloth diapers really greener than disposables?

We didn’t feel fully qualified to give a scientific answer to this question ourselves, but fortunately we have a close relationship with the principals at Point380, a Boulder-based environmental consulting firm that specializes in carbon and energy management and strategy. They agreed to look in-depth at the issues and so we asked them to write this section and to be available to answer questions on our blog, too. They have performed similar analyses for major international food & beverage manufactures, biodiesel refiners, developers, electric utilities, publishers, refineries, etc., so we think they can handle this one.
check out the analysis here:


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  1. okay i give. my eyes glazed over as soon as i drilled down.

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