Happy Mother’s Day!

klimt mother and child

A mother is

a reflection

of  enduring love,





and faith.

that life is beautiful, miraculous, and full of inspiration!

One of my favorite “super-mom” stories is when I got into a nasty car accident when I was 17 years old.  I was alone in my car, had a huge bump on my head, and was scared that I was going to die.   My mother showed up about 2 minutes later and soothed all of my worries.  Later I asked her how she found out that I had been in an accident and where I was (this was long before cell phones, mind you).  She said, I just had this feeling.  She had been on her way to take my brother to soccer practice and saw the police cars at the bottom of the hill.  She said she just knew that it was me.  Mother intuition is like nothing else.  Thanks, Mom! (Please feel free to comment with a wonderful Mom story of your own.)

Cheers to all of you mothers out there and all that you do to add to the wonder of humanity!


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