Sick kids and basic tools for staying healthy!

It seems like this year’s flu season has been nasty both here and abroad.  We are so lucky to live in a place with clean water, healthy food, and fresh air (well pretty fresh!).    As a parent it means little sleep, concern for your child, back up of dishes, laundry, etc.  Here are some tips to keep the family healthy:

Wash your hands – with soap! Singing the entire ABCs can be fun and helps kids make their hands  germ-free.

Drink lots of fluids – EmergenC, tea, hot lemon water w/honey, juices,   …  hot toddies for the parents ; )

Rest – for everyone!  We build millions of new cells every day, and our bodies use sleep to regenerate and rejuvinate.

Steam showers and humidifiers for yucky coughs.  Hanging out in the bathroom while the shower is running on hot can do wonders for calming a cough!

A drop or two of rosemary essential oil and thyme essential oil added to a few drops of olive oil on the chest – rosemary will help clear both nasal and bronchial passages, thyme oil is a powerful & natural antiviral.

Recipe to loosen a cough:

Mustard pack for the chest~  Make a paste of flour, mustard (can be dried or fresh), and water.  Wrap paste in a cloth and put in a plastic baggie.  Put the baggie on the chest (on top of a shirt) and cover with a heating pad.

Just a favorite all time immune boost and cleanse:

Lemon juice (Meyer lemons are my fav), a pinch of cayenne, a heaping spoonful of honey, and hot water.

Book suggestion if you would like to learn more about at home remedies.  This book got my daughter through 11 years without antibiotics!healing-encyclopedia-book-cover2


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