There are so many parenting moments when I wish I could just pull a plug out of my purse and move on!  Unfortunately both of my daughters have refused to take a pacifier.

How have you gotten your kids to take a paci… and in turn to give it up?  Is the soothing as a baby worth the pain of giving it up as a kid?

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3 Responses

  1. My twins spent a few hours in the NICU right after their birth. By the time we got to spend time with them, the nurses already had the pacifiers firmly in place. Thus began their love affair with the paci! Turning three, they’re still pretty reliant on their pacifiers for self-soothing. Definitely dreading getting rid of them… although I hear that they quickly forget. Hard to say if it was worth it to wait this long. For us they’ve been super super helpful.

  2. We had one that took a binky and one that didn’t, so saw the advantages and disadvantages of both. With the thumb they never lose it, but it’s much harder to take away! We took the bnky away at two years from the other twin (we sent it to the binky fairy) but he immediately switched to sucking his finger!

  3. My son used a soothie pacifier from almost day one. We were given it at the hospital. At some point between 6 mo to 1 year we moved to the next version of it.. it was harder, my son didn’t like it and self weaned. He never was a thumb sucker. He did take a bottle from 2 weeks (I also nursed for over 2 years) and for a long time his bottle with water soothed him at night.. eventually the bottle fairy came but it was all good. Worth it, in my opinion.

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