sticks – free entertainment

Kids LOVE sticks.  

Big kids can have fun with any and all sticks, but little ones need their sticks to be little.  10 satisying minutes of clipping the spring sticks strewn about our yard left us with this fine looking treasure:


A Fine Gift

A Fine Gift

Add some pretty ribbon to your gaggle of sticks and you are ready for any 1-year-old’s birthday party.   This is a great project for an older child to help with, since they are naturally stick experts.



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  1. Now that it’s dandelion season, we’ve killed some time gathering tons and tons of yellow flowers and arranging them on the grass in pictures (suns, moons, stars, hearts). My 3-year-olds love fetching the flowers for a “purpose”… I love that we can all make something beautiful and ephemeral together.

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